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Skateboard Bushings

Skateboard bushings are the coin sized rubber rings that sit around the kingpin on your trucks that allow your board to turn and move smoothly. They are typically made of polyurethane and come in a range of colours and styles depending on how you prefer your board to move.

Each of your two skateboard trucks requires two bushings, so you’ll have four in total on your skateboard. The top bushing sits on the kingpin above the hanger and allows your board to pivot. While the bottom bushing sits on the kingpin between the hanger and the baseplate and can be tightened or loosened to modify your trucks responsiveness.

As well as adjusting the tightness of the bottom bushing you can change your set up. Stiffer bushings means more resistance while softer bushings means more movement. Often those performing tricks prefer a resistant board while those carving or street cruising enjoy the freedom of movement.

Skateboard bushings are easily adjusted to suit your needs or what you plan to do on any given day. They are also all the same size, so you can purchase any bushings at Extreme Skates and they will fit any skateboard. Chat to the team about which are best for you or browse our range below.