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Skateboard Decks

At Extreme Skates we have all your skateboard decks in one place. With a huge selection from the most popular skate brands to new labels as well as speciality dealers we can help you find the perfect deck for you.

In our range you’ll find Enjoi, Deathwish, Baker, Creature, Alien Workshop, Powell Peralta, Anti Hero, and even our own Extreme Skates budget board along with plenty more.

There are a few elements to consider when choosing your skateboard deck such as correct size – width and length, board shape, and the materials used in construction. Each one lends itself to different styles of skating such as ramp, park, vert, and others.

Not sure what skateboard deck you’re after? Come in and have a chat with our expert team. They can guide you through the choices depending on your skating style and preferred tricks, so you can choose the right deck. You can also check out our guide to choosing the right skateboard.