Worx Scooter – Gold Coast Suspension

Worx Urban Scooters are constructed from Aluminium & Steel with a collapsible folding and locking system making it easy to fit your scooter in small spaces. Looking for a scooter with large wheels giving you the freedom to scooter at a good pace. The 200ml is bigger than standard wheels, which allow for clearance to help avoid large stones and objects dragging under the scooter deck.  Extreme Skates has a range of commuter scooters for you to choose from . The Scooter suspension will give you a less bumpy ride as it helps absorb the impact of an uneven surface so often found  on the footpaths and roads. The adjustable height system allows the rider to choose their preferred position of the height on the scooter bars.

Extreme Skates offers the Worx Urban Goldcoast suspension Model Scooter by Powerslide, for you to chill out and ride with comfort with the Gold Cost suspension scooter by WORX. This dual suspension scooter absorbs bumps and rough surfaces providing a super smooth ride. As a special feature the rear suspension can be adjusted to change the performance from “comfort” to “sport”. The Gold Coast scooter is features the “Bandit Lock”. Fold or unfold the scooter by simply pressing a metal lever. The mechanism snaps into the correct position and gets securely and safely locked. Exploring the city or riding to school with the Gold Coast featuring 200mm PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearings from WICKED will be pure driving pleasure.

Worx Scooter Features:

  • Carry Weight: Max 100kg
  • Bandit Lock system – Collapse the scooter by simply pushing the metal lever. The quick release skewer locks the steering bar securely.
  • Usage: Urban transportation & cruising
  • Height: 82cm – 104cm max
  • Wheels: 200m PU
  • Bearings: Wicked Abec 9
  • Weighs – 5.6k

Scooters have become part of the modern urban mobility and are more than just a transportation vehicle. They combine lifestyle and fashion with fun and action. Scooters are used to go to work, to school or to meet with friends. Just get on your scooter and ride on. Not sure which Scooter best suits your needs, call one of our industry trained staff to help you with your choice on 1300 318 011.

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Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!