Riedell Solaris Boot Colour Lab

Riedell Solaris Boot Colour Lab allows you to choose your own colour scheme creating a unique boot which no one else has.

It is easy and fun to create your own colour Lab Boot all you need to do is to follow this link to down load the form and email it back to us at completed with your colour choices by following the simple easy to use instructions and guide on the form.

The cost involved in creating the your own custom colour lab is $165.00 AUD on top of the cost of the solaris boot. The turnaround time for a pair of Solaris ColorLab boots is approximately 4-6 weeks.

The Riedell Solaris is the newest,  latest released roller skate boot from Riedell Skates Inc.  This very special boot and I’ll explain why it is so special further down has been created after 3 rears of research  development and testing to have the latest most advanced technology incorporated into the quad boot which not only re-defines performance but also deliver the most comfy boot on the market today. It is stylish, the cut compliments the foot, it is light weight due to the advanced construction technology used and it is so soft on your feet due to the black Kango-  leatheruppers which like leather gloves  it contours to the shape of your foot and you don’t have to skate it and skate it to brake in the leather. This Solaris Boot is “The Performance You Demand. The Comfort You’ve Been Missing.”

This amazing riedell Solaris Boot has all its 4 quarters  lined with heat moldable counters to help with any hot spots or pressure points. It is recommend that if your boot fits and it is comfortable it is not necessary to heat mold.

Solaris Features:

1. ContourFit C/AA Width
A snug AA width heel size takes care of those annoying lifting, and the C width ball will provide a perfect fit for both narrow and wide feet. The modern shape toe improves toe comfort. The countourFit Technology last follow the natural shape of the toes placing the feet and toes in the correct position delivering comfort. See picture below for a detailed diagram demonstrating the countourFit Technology













2. Dynamic Response Outsole

The  polycarbonate outsole delivers support due to the 2 piece construction system with the inner piece, or the midsole, is made from polycarbonate which supports the natural shape of your foot creating a sole that has strength and stability offering a reduction in vibration.

The 2nd part to the construction is the “Dynamic Response Outsole” which  is made from polyurethane, providing  rigidity and strength delivering a boot with mazimum response,  the dampening material used to reduce vibration makes it very comfortable to skate.

Riedell Solaris V-Lock Strap               Feature #3: the V_Lock Sysytem.

this new and effective integrated heel strap designed to pull the boot securely down and around the natural shape of your heel.  The material used in the V-Lock is a high tensile polyester webbing, the V-Lock strap is positioned low to effectively lock the heel in place providing efficacy in preventing the  heel  from lifting and moving causing slippage.

Riedell Solaris Curved Padded CollarFeature #4  Curved Padded Collar.

The  curved collar is anatomically-shaped which is made from a supple, glove leather that curves around the ankle for maximum range of motion and comfort.
Feature #5  Strata Microfiber Liner 

This antimicrobial perforated microfiber liner is designed with moisture and order resistant treatment providing the foot with an non slippery inner while reducing the odor retention properties  inside the boot.

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