Quasi Deck – Lotus Red 8″

A psychedelic trip, the Quasi Lotus Red 8″ deck is out there. Made with 7-ply Canadian maple, this is a professional quality board. So it’s strong, supple, and hard wearing with a decent flex. With a smaller 8.0″ width it’s great for skaters that like a narrow setup or a bit of overhang on their stance. Also, it’s manufactured by PS Stix in Mexico where “The Professor” of PS Stix holds a development workshop. This is where pro skaters come to refine their own boards and build customs from scratch. PS Stix are one of a kind company with their very own templates, tools, processes and uniquely crafted boards. Because of this, the Quasi Lotus deck is easy to rely on.

Quasi Skateboards Features:

  • Width: 8.0″
  • Length: 32.125″
  • Wheel Base: 14.25″
  • Construction: 7-ply Maple
  • Available with Free Griptape

About Quasi Skateboards

In 2014, Alien Workshop (AWS) had a temporary disappearance. Team manager at the time, Chad Bowers connected with Alien Pro’s Tyler Bledsoe, Jake Johnson, and Gilbert Crockett to create a new “mothership”, forming the Mother Collective. Influenced by psychedelics as well as painter Will Gaynor, they developed new and creative deck graphics. But after receiving some rather odd legal orders, the group was forced to change their name. So now they are known as Quasi Skateboards.

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