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Longboard Grip Tape

At Extreme Skates we’re experts in all things skating, so you’ll find a great range of Longboard grip tape to keep you on your ride no matter what you’re doing.

Grip Tape is an essential item of any longboard set up if you have plans to stay on your board. While wheels, bearings, and decks all have rating systems to guide you through which item to buy based on your quality preferences and budget, grip tape does not. Hence most skaters choose their tape based on their colour scheme, favourite brand, or designs. You’ll find great designs and a range of colours and brands in store or below online. If you want to keep things simple, we also have your standard black and gun metal grey.

Applying grip tape to your longboard deck is an easy process! One side is rough, similar to sandpaper, and the other is covered in an adhesive, this is the side that sticks to your deck. Voila!