Jet Deck – The Banger 33″

If you’re into freeriding and a bit of downhill and find that most decks are too big, no need to chop it, the Jet Banger deck has you covered. Radial concave, freedom to move your feet around to throw out that switch slide with predictability and confidence. Kicked tail and pointed fish nose. The 7-ply hard rock Maple construction of the Jet Banger allows it to be speed-stiff while maintaining a light, agile feel.

Jet Deck Features:

  • Length: 33.0″
  • Width: 9.6″
  • Wheelbase: 23.5″ – 25″
  • Construction: 7-ply Maple

About Jet Skateboards

Jet Skateboards are all about range. They provide options to suit the needs of all skateboarders beginners to pro’s. Development is their strive, they constantly want to improve the products they provide without increasing the price!

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