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Women’s Rollerblades (Women’s Inline Skates)

As one of Australia’s favourite local skate stores we have a fantastic range of quality Women’s Rollerblades, also known as Women’s inline skates.

Wondering about the difference? Rollerblade is actually a brand! It grew so famous, it became synonymous with the official name ‘inline skate’ and eventually outshone it! Now most people refer to them simply as ‘rollerblades’. Talk about great marketing!

Regardless of what you call them, all of your favourite women’s rollerblade brands are under one roof at Extreme Skates! From the incredibly popular powerslide to the reliable RD, we will help you find the perfect skates for you.

We offer professional fitting, so you leave with a pair of skates that fit you perfectly, as it ensures you get the maximum performance out of your purchase.

Not sure which inline skates are right for you? Our expert skate team at Extreme love the challenge of fitting customers to their perfect skate match. We will empower you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Don’t forget to check out our range of protective gear to keep yourself safe while rolling!