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Rollerblade Wheels (Inline Skate Wheels)

Whether you want them bigger, stronger, or just prettier we have the rollerblade wheels you’re looking for! You wouldn’t expect less from Extreme Skates as one of Australia’s favourite local skate stores.

Rollerblades will typically come with decent wheels that are great to get you moving. If you have a specific type of inline skating in mind or are only going to be skating outdoors or indoors, upgrading to a suitable wheel will certainly give you an edge.

For example, it would be very hard to powerslide to a stop indoors on outdoor wheels. Similarly indoor wheels will be very slippery when skating on footpaths outside.

You’ll find inline wheels in a number of different sizes and hardness ratings or durometers. With a tonne of wheels available, navigating them is made easier as each wheel is generally made for a specific purpose.

Not sure which wheels you’ll need? Talk to our expert team, they can ask the right questions so you can make an informed decision and choose the right wheels for you.