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Kids Rollerblades (Inline Skates for Kids)

You’ll find a fantastic range of high quality Kids Rollerblades at Extreme Skates! As Australia’s favourite local skate store, we pride ourselves on having a variety of inline skates for kids of all ages, shoe sizes, and experience levels.

We know that having kids means a robust quality is required for most things, and skates are no different. This is why we stock brands including Powerslide, RD, Crazy and SFR. You can be sure that these won’t be worn out within the fortnight! You can also upgrade parts such as brakes and wheels as they deteriorate, rather than having to buy whole new rollerblades.

One of the most exciting parts of kids rollerblades is choosing the colour. Bring your child in store or browse our selection online. Your child will have a blast picking their own skates based on their favourite colours.

Once you have your Inline Skates sorted, we recommend you check out our safety equipment. From helmets to elbow pads and wrist guards to knee pads, we have everything to keep your child protected while they learn to rollerblade!