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Organika Skateboards

Organika Skateboards have been delivering high end skateboarding equipment for over 10 years. Our team at Extreme Skates are proud to offer the Organika range of products.

With a full selection of skateboards, our team can easily find you a deck or complete that suits your riding gait, style and size perfectly. Each deck is made from strong 7 ply maple paired with epoxy resin glue providing a finished product much more durable than industry standard. This makes Organika great for riders who are particularly hard on their equipment! The boards also have the added bonus of having slick coated bottoms for sliding efficiency.

The line of decks includes vibrant and bold colours alongside unique and futuristic graphics. As well as being a hardworking skateboard, your Organika deck can also be hung on the wall as a piece of art! Or at least a conversation starter.

Not sure if this board is right for you? Visit our Extreme Skates team in store and get a feel for the Organika range.