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Nana Skateboards

Nana Skateboards are an Australian brand birthed from a time when the skating industry was being reborn. Skaters were hitting the streets using fibreglass water ski  boards with old roller skate trucks stuck underneath.

Luckily for everyone the minds behind Nana put their heads together during these golden days and created a line of truly special boards. Now they are dedicated to producing high quality and fun skateboards.

We love Nana because of their pairing of awesome boards and a commitment to keeping it real, fun, and Australian.

The Nana range includes mini cruisers, longboards, skateboards, wheels, stickers and more. The range include fibreglass as well as wood decks to choose between. All Nana skateboards are sold as completes meaning you don’t have to worry about assembly as you’ll receive the whole package! This includes deck, trucks, wheels, bushings, bearings, and the hardware you need.

Not sure if Nana is right for you? Chat with our team of skaters in store at Extreme Skates.