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Heroin Skateboards

Heroin Skateboards were founded back in 1989 by artist Fos and have since been producing some of the best decks and completes coming out of the United Kingdom!

These boards are great for all skill levels from beginner to professional. Coming out of the UK Heroin Skateboards are built to withstand insane riding conditions such as rough terrain and extreme temperature changes.

You can push your riding to its limits with Heroin!

You’ll find an awesome range in store and online at Extreme Skates.

The Heroin Team

  • Tony Karr
  • Deer Man of Dark Woods
  • Chopper
  • Craig Questions Scott
  • Tom Day
  • Chet Childress
  • Joe O’Donnel
    Pat Franklin
  • Anaiah Lei
  • Logan Devlin
  • Lee Yankou
  • Krank Shaw
  • Corey Leso
  • Stephen Malet
  • Shane Powell
  • Leon Chapdelaine
  • Aaron Wilon
  • Nick Rodriguez