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DGK Skateboards

DGK Skateboards or Dirty Ghetto Kids was created by pro skater Stevie Williams in 2004 as a brand that stood for those who came from nothing. It celebrates skaters who turned their negative lifestyles into a positive environment against all odds.

A newer entrant into the world of skating, DGK Skateboards quickly gained momentum and now has a reputation for laughter, nostalgia and focusing on the fun of skating.

Known as the brand for those who just want to enjoy themselves and have fun while skating, you won’t second guess why skaters love these decks. Creative designs have put a spin on traditional American food mascots such as Captain Crunch and Hohos. These decks convey lighthearted comedy at its best.

You’ll also find a great range of these comedic designs on their clothing.

We have a huge variety of DGK products at Extreme Skates both online and in store in a broad range of sizes to suit beginner to advanced skaters.